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Call for Papers SERCI 2014/Barcelona

The 2014 annual congress of the Society for Economic Research on Copyright Issues will be held in Barcelona (Spain), on July 10 and 11 of 2014. Updated information on the congress will be given periodically on

I am most pleased and honored to announce that the SERCI Invited Guest Lecture will be delivered by Prof. David Pérez Castrillo and Prof. Inés Macho Stadler (both of Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona) on the topic of copyright licensing under asymmetric information.

Submissions for the congress are invited on any topic (both theoretical and empirical) that uses economic theory to analyze any aspect of copyright management (including, but not restricted to: optimal copyright law and alternatives, causes and effects of copyright infringement, efficient management of information goods in general, digital rights management, economic foundations of copyright, economic analysis of copyright collectives, etc.).

Detailed abstracts of submissions should be sent before 15th of March 2014 as an e-mail attachment to