The Society for Economic Research on Copyright Issues holds its 2009 congress in Berkely/San Francisco (USA).


Day 1: Thursday July 9


9.00 Welcome speeches


9.20 Guest lecturer; Harold Demsetz (UCLA)


“Creativity and the Economics of the Copyright Controversy”

Chairperson: Giovanni Ramello


10.30 Coffee break


10.45 Refinements in copyright parameters

Chairperson: Richard Watt


Olivier Bomsel (CERNA), “Decreasing copyright enforcement costs: the

scope of a graduated response”. Co-author; Heritiana Ranaivoson



Miko Valimaki (Helsinki University of Technology), “Refining Service

Provider’s Liability for Copyright Infringements”. Co-authors; Ville

Oksanen (Helsinki University of Technology).


12.15 Lunch


14.00 Empirical models of copyright

Chairperson: Steve Margolis


Paul Stepan (FOKUS), “How Big is the Public Domain?”. Co-authors;

Rufus Pollock (University of Cambridge) and Mikko Valimaki (Helsinki

University of Technology)


Stan Liebowitz (University of Texas at Dallas), “Don’t Play It Again Sam.

Radio Play, Record Sales and Property Rights”.


15.30 Coffee Break


15.45 Recent Work of NGOs and IGOs on Copyright Related Issues

Chairperson: Ruth Towse


Dimiter Gantchev (WIPO).


Javier Machicado (ODAI).




17.30 END DAY





Day 2: Friday July 10


9.00 International issues

Chairperson: Ivan Png


Michael Yuan (Roger Williams University), “The Incentives for

Cooperation in International Copyright: Comparing Comparative and

Competitive Models”. Co-author Koji Domon (Waseda University).


Koji Domon (Waseda University), “Profitable Piracy and Media

Development in the Music Industry”.


10.30 Coffee break


10.45 Legal and cultural issues

Chairperson: Paul Stepan


Eleonora Rosati (University of Cambridge), “Illusions Perdues: The

Idea/Expression Dichotomy at Crossroads”.


Nobuku Kawashima (Doshisha University), “The Rise of User Creativity

– Web 2.0 and a New Challenge for Copyright Law and Cultural Policy”.


12.15 Lunch


14.00 Issues related to piracy and appropriability

Chairperson: Stan Liebowitz


Sougata Poddar (Hanyang University), “Piracy, Entry Deterrence and

IPR Protection”. Co-author; Yuanzhu Lu (Central University of Finance

and Economics).


Brett Danaher (University of Pennsylvania), “Converting Pirates Without

Cannibalizing Purchasers: The Impact of Digital Distribution on Physical

Sales and Internet Piracy”. Co-authors; Samita Dhanasobhon, Michael

Smith, and Rahul Telang (Carnegie Mellon University).


15.30 Coffee Break


15.45 Industry and supply effects of copyright

Chairperson: Richard Watt


Ivan Png (National University of Singapore), “Copyright Law and the

Supply of Creative Work: Evidence From the Movies”. Co-author; Qiu-

Hong Wang (National University of Singapore).


Giovanni Ramello (University of Eastern Piedmont), “Copyright and

Industrial Dynamics. Insights From the Journal Publishing Market”. Coauthor;

Francesco Silva (University of Milan Bicocca).


17.15 END DAY




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